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Pets United

Language: English, bits of Italian.

Robo invasion is here. Yes, that’s what happens when robots take over us humans when we try to create cities by destroying nature. This animated movie by Reinhard Klooss is about pets fighting to create lives for themselves against the robots(mostly bad) in a colorful bustling city with skyscrapers, flying cars and people , called Robocity.

A stray dog Roger is on the wanted list by anti-stray squad in Robocity. At nightfall, the Sheriff is on the lookout for strays, particularly Roger. Roger cohabits in a narrow alley with fellow strays – a monkey, Beezer and a scrapped robot toy , Bob. There’s a local zoo, Robo zoo, that has Asgar, a Russian-accented Bengal tiger; Stan, a spotted hyena and Brian, a spiritual tarsier. Opposite the zoo lives a cat, Belle in a posh apartment with her fashionista owner. Belle frequents pets’ spa-gym ,Pamper Pets along with other pets of posh owners. They are interesting pets: Ronaldo, an Italian-bred muscular poodle; Walter, a pug; Slomo, a red panda always sipping fruit smoothies; Chichi, a chihuahua; Edgar, a guinea pig and Sophie, a bush pig.

The strays get tempted and visit here one day. Unfortunately, this is when the evil mayor of the city plans an invasion. He is the son of locked up Robocity techie and runs Roboworld corporation creating robot clones to invade humankind. He sets his eyes on Bob whom he himself says “isn’t the most successful business idea”. He ropes in the Sheriff to bring Bob before him at Roboworld corporation. Roger is really upset for his friend being captured and this is when all the pets unitedly plan to get Bob back. They are thrown some obstacles their way but eventually succeed. Bob is rescued. The mayor is vanquished and his father freed. He gets the pets to “the wall” and finally opens the door to nature.

There’s no longer any distinction between strays and home pets. Everyone is united. The animation is vibrant with the pets’ expressions quite nicely emoted.

Stars: ***

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